making Keepass to work in Mac


Following methods were tried. (on yosemite)

1 – KeePass with mono

As explained in our KeePass website, using mono and latest portable installer files.


  • download the latest mono and xquartz for mac available in their latest versions in their websites
  • download the latest portable keepass files, unzip it
  • open the terminal and type ‘mono keepass.exe’ without quotes, (better drag the executable file keepass.exe from the unzipped folder which will map the path of the file to execute)
  • enter

This runs the keepass 2 applcation well.


2 – Bundled KeePass

Another very good method using wine bottler and bundling keepass with .net

Required files/apps
– Wine bottler app for mac
– Keepass installer file (not the portable)


  • Open up the wine bottler app,
  • use the keepass 2.exe file, and
  • bundle it with .Net 4.0 (if you need only the keepass app to run 2.0 is enough; 4.0 is the best for all plugins- all others were not working as I expected)
  • bundle with wine app (optional to make it a standalone mac app which can be used or shared with others and run without installing the wine app)
  • It takes a few minutes, and go through the steps patiently till the end(don’t forget to uncheck restart after .Net installation or uncheck run keepass after app installation)
  • A heavily bundled mac app will be generated at the end amounting to a very good size


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